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IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

With extensive experience in delivering focused infrastructure management services across domains, Green Field Business Analytics offers organizations the benefits of strong industry partnerships such as Oracle, SAP, Cisco, AWS, VMware and Microsoft. Our IT Infrastructure Services enable your business to run faster, smoother, and more reliably with comprehensive infrastructure services from us.

Digitization has revolutionized the concept of running a business. Infrastructure modernization has become an inevitable task. As one of the premium IT Infrastructure services companies in USA, Green Field Business Analytics offers the right solutions to help businesses to build a strong and dynamic foundation to foster rapid growth.

Our approach is holistic and integrated in nature with clear focus on meeting the exact customer needs. You can enjoy amazing cost effectiveness with us. We are committed to providing a secure and efficient network. Our professionals focus on all areas including planning, design, implementation and maintenance of your network to optimize the performance and productivity.

Being one of the most reputed and reliable IT infrastructure services companies in USA, Green Field Business Analytics offers a broad range of high quality services including database services, IT service desk, End-user support, visualization services, enterprise systems and network management, cloud hosting, project management and governance and more.


Your organization should have the latest IT systems for your business needs. A full assessment will identify problem areas and solutions to fix them.

Design & Deploy

Your team needs custom solutions to optimize your current environment. We incorporate cutting edge and emerging technologies into existing infrastructure to create a proper fix.

Our in-House Experts

Maximize your investment by keeping our experts in house. Our In-house engineering services help you achieve mission objectives and keep your environment up and running.

Green Field Business Analytics Technologies extend a complete, end-to-end spectrum of services that leverages next-generation platforms such as cloud computing and virtualization. Our Infrastructure Management and outsourcing services help customers reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market, enhance operational efficiencies and simplify IT management.

We have a robust set of service offerings managed by a comprehensive enterprise management framework and made available through a flexible engagement model. Gain a competitive advantage with comprehensive Infrastructure Management Services.

IT Service Desk

Offered onsite or offsite, provides complete ticket management based on SLA contracts. Our focus is on service improvement and cost reduction over time

End-User Support

Fully managed deskside support that covers your entire technology environment from remote deskside support, patch management, to software distribution and provisioning

Enterprise Systems and Network Management

Complete infrastructure and application monitoring to support your IT enterprise by engineering a holistic approach for networks, systems, storage, applications, and security

Virtualization Services

Consolidation and upgrade of legacy infrastructure to a more virtualized environment, using latest VMware technology, that will reduce not only your capital expenses but also operational expenses

Database Services

Comprehensive and proactive support for all your database management needs including design, capacity planning, installation, upgrades, and recovery.

Project Management and Governance

With certified professionals and proven methodologies, Green Field Business Analytics is capable of overseeing projects and meeting the customer’s needs throughout complex engagements.

Cloud Hosting

As a Microsoft Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Amazon Cloud implementor, we are equipped with resources, experience, and certifications to help you migrate your infrastructure to the cloud. Our Application Hosting Management Services offer a secure, flexible and cost-effective process to monitor and manage your applications and data on-demand

Our team of engineers can address a multitude of IT challenges many CIOs face today, while keeping security and compliance at the forefront of every mission. We implement sophisticated technology that can enable your organization to optimize existing resources by using our IT Infrastructure Services.

Here are some of the benefits your business will gain from engaging Green Field Business Analytics engineers:


Gain valuable tech insights to get more out of your IT assets

Identify security weaknesses to enhance overall security in your organization

Lessen the load on your internal engineers

Mitigate future IT malfunctions or outages

Enhance your current system performance

Transition from maintaining to operating and scaling

Lower total cost of ownership with consolidated management tool and unified app

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