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Benefits of Using Smart View in Oracle EPM

Updated: May 2, 2021

Clients who want to improve their organizational performance should require real-time access to data through a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard that displays relevant information. To provide an interface that can work smoothly with Microsoft Office and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle has released Smart View for MS Office users. Smart View allows users to extract, manipulate, allocate, and share data in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It works as an inclusive tool to access and integrate EPM and BI content from Microsoft Office products.

Features of Hyperion Smart View

Smart View is an exceptional functionality, offering great ease of access and flexibility. Users can perform ad hoc or free-form analysis, interact with prebuilt forms, design and generate new reports, access predefined content, or incorporate data from different sources. Generally, a free-form analysis user can draw, modify, and outline sales data from Essbase to respond to a profitability query, while a predefined form user may plan according to data existing in spreadsheets and workbook models. Report design is suitable for utilizing EPM data retrieval, and it can also be used to compare budgets or plan many scenarios.

Its feature to incorporate EPM data directly from a data source into Microsoft Office applications helps employees to leverage the power of data to derive insight into the business and improve performance and operations in numerous ways. Now, the user-friendly interface gets a complete analysis of HFM, Hyperion Planning, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Data, and Essbase from Relational or Multi-Dimensional sources to your desktop.

Moreover, it presents another interface to help you make use of Hyperion Planning, HFM, and Hyperion Workforce Planning data entry forms. Smart View also allows users to perform Hyperion reporting tasks from within Office applications and to generate reports in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with EPM and BI data.

  • It can integrate EPM and BI data directly from the data source into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

  • It has complete ad hoc and free-form analysis features for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Essbase, Hyperion Planning, and Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

  • Also, it presents full ad hoc and free-form analysis functionality for Oracle EPM Cloud data sources, consisting of Planning and Budgeting Cloud, Financial Consolidation, and Close Cloud, and Tax Reporting Cloud

  • You can access data directly from Relational or multidimensional sources

  • It provides a different, office-based interface to use EPM on-premises and cloud product data entry forms

  • Smart View has the ability to form data perspectives for end-users called Smart Slices

  • It can dynamically refresh EPM and BI data throughout Office documents with a single click only

  • It carries out the selective, multi-page import of Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting documents

  • Smart View allows Point of View (POV) search for proficient, context-based searching

  • It supports exceedingly formatted grids in Microsoft Excel

  • You can create reports in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with EPM and BI data

  • It provides a VBA toolkit to develop custom Office-based analytic interfaces

Benefits of Using Oracle Smart View for Office

Analyze, Update, and Report

It provides a single Microsoft Office interface designed particularly for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) in Oracle. With Smart View in Oracle EPM, you can view, import, distribute, manipulate, and share data in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint interfaces.

Ad hoc or Free-form Analysis

Generally, users who need an environment to interact with the data use the Excel environment to interactively examine the data available in the sources. They may begin using templates to start the process or a blank sheet to shape and alter the grids of data as they use the exposed feature. Users can check data from Oracle EPM on-premises sources like Planning, Essbase, or Financial Management with just a few clicks and the drag-and-drop facility.

Prebuilt Form Interaction

EPM application users that implement prebuilt input/reporting forms find Smart View a suitable way for completing these jobs within the Office. Such users can be planners, consolidators, or others who want to work in Excel either for reliable experience in comparison to the web application or to incorporate spreadsheet-based models into their process.

Report Design

Reporting is another aspect of Smart View with capabilities of EPM data retrieves. Once the data exists in Office, users can generate reports as required based on a combination of data sources. You can create reports in the Office environment, and these reports can be refreshed occasionally as per needs.

Pre-defined Content Access

Another advantage of using Smart View is importing pre-created content, such as charts or grids from Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. This content can be refreshed from the Office ecosystem.

Smart View has made working on Microsoft Office easier for users who are looking for a tool to integrate EPM and BI content. Discuss your requirements with our technically profound team to know how this tool can help you thrive.

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