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Planning, Budgeting Cloud Services

Planning, Budgeting Cloud Services (EPBCS)

Oracle PBCS ensures outcome oriented roadmap for periodic forecasts across different lines of business following apical implementation process

User Centric Interface

Quick user on boarding and management of planning processes ensuring hassle-free configuration

Avant Guarde Practice Planning

Better working on planning models including prebuilt calculations, exclusive dashboards and reports for apt forecasting

Better Modeling and Scalability

With better scalability to plan, analyze, and discover detail level that scales to meet the rigorous demands of your business

Key Features

Planning and Forecasting

Goal oriented plans and immediate feedback loop

Our PBCS Oracle cloud USA services exceed the aims, expectations and needs of your business by offering result oriented plans, dashboards and reports. You can have a realistic assessment of your business plans with the help of dashboards and reports that can be created in an easy manner. With the help of speedy aggregations and memory calculations, these data can be easily refreshed.


Designing right solution to fulfill your business objectives

You can make use of our PBCS Oracle cloud USA solutions for making your own operational models, sales models and financial models. We make you familiarize with the best way of establishing the right connection between various business processes for developing systematic and continuous integrated planning, reporting solution and forecasting across the enterprise.

What-If design models and predictive features

Our services help you plan and predict for complicated business what-if situations with the help timely predictive features, sandbox and scenario modeling. Several what-if models can be designed and developed with the help to our services. Data can be sliced and diced depending on different types of what-if assumptions which formulate immediate reports.



Compensation Planning

With workforce planning, you can perform the planning process on the basis of job code, employee, or both with the help of driver-oriented process to meet the expenses involved with compensation. Our PBCS Oracle Cloud USA services put forward a workforce planning which permits panning in an in depth way which in turn provides excellent results for your business. It is also capable of incorporating large multinational workforces.

Integration to HCM

As your business needs grow, you can establish a connection between strategic priorities and workforce by making use of pre-designed integration to Oracle HCM Cloud. It can also be done by seamless cloud to cloud integration to independent HCM services.

Business Wizards

Business users are allowed to retain highly complicated calculations involving employee expenses like benefits and tax expense calculations with the help of planning wizards.



Configure financials for revenue, sales, and gross margin planning, also adding dimensions for the unique drivers of your business.


Oracle Cloud PBCS Financial can Leverage a configurable framework for drivers-based and trends-based planning, using prebuilt best practice expense drivers. Optional prebuilt integration with workforce and capital planning is available.


Balance Sheet

Integrate balance sheets fully with income statements, cash flow and configuration for industry specific requirements.

Cash Flow

Allow business users to focus on cash from operations with fully integrated cash flow. Both direct and indirect cash flow methods are supported.

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