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Oracle Hyperion EPM On-Premises Support

Oracle Hyperion EPM On-Premises Support

Our dedicated experts are here to help when you need it. Green Field Business Analytics EPM solutions administrator working with your company loading data, running calculations, updating hierarchies, creating reports and otherwise maintaining, and if necessary, improving the system.

Oracle Hyperion EPM On-Premises Support Roadmap

EPM Version 11.2 (Releasing late 2019)

Oracle last version of on-premises will be 11.2. It is planned to be released late 2019. Once EPM 11.2 is released, you will be able to upgrade to this version. Oracle Hyperion EPM System customers running on release 11.2 will continue to access new applications functionality and separately uptake later versions of underlying technology for years to come, without the time and expense of a major release upgrade.

Oracle Hyperion EPM System is now included under Applications Unlimited with Oracle Premier Support for EPM System 11.2 through at least 2030.


EPM Version

Premiere support (includes fixes, third-party certification updates, and enhancements) for Oracle’s most current version of will remain in effect until December 2020. Following the conclusion of premiere support, extended support can be purchased for an additional year of more limited support, ending December 2021. Once extended support has concluded, sustaining support will be available for limited maintenance support.

EPM Version

Support for Severity 1 service requests ended March 2018. If an EPM environment is still on, it should be upgraded as soon as possible to remain fully supported.

Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management
(EPM) 11.2 On-Premises


Uplift to FMW 12g release

  • Oracle Essbase will still be used for Hyperion EPM 11.2

Repository Simplification streamlines and simplifies infrastructure and architecture for the future

  • Replace Foundation services with a simpler RDBMS repository

  • Content migration for FR/Workspace to RDBMS repository

3rd party certifications* including: ( *This is not an exhaustive list)

  • OS: Windows 2012, 2016 (Linux 7 & AIX 7.2 to follow in subsequent Patch Set Updates (PSU)

  • RDBMS: Oracle 12.2, SQL Server 2017

  • Browser: Edge, Chrome, Firefox

  • JDK 1.8

Technical upgrade – out of place install

  • Enhancements delivered through a series of feature bearing Patch Set Updates (PSUs)

Green Field Business Analytics has the technical experts to support your environments. We have been performing EPM system support for over 15 years, and we have the right mix of business, finance, and technical experience to keep your system online and optimized.

Our EPM On-Premises System Support include the following:


Decades of expert Oracle EPM infrastructure experience

System Administrator

EPM Application Support

Create and maintaining Reports

Creating and maintaining documents

System Infrastructure Support

Patch installation

Troubleshooting and Backup

Escalate software defects with Oracle

Implementations and Upgrades

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