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Tax Reporting Cloud Services

Tax Reporting Cloud Services (TRCS)

Corporate Tax functions are the backbone of any growing enterprise finance. Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud provides a process oriented task flow to streamline data access.

Simple to Use, Simple to Own

Oracle EPM Cloud makes it easy to own while keeping you connected with finance systems. Wizards make it as easy as 1-2-3.

Transparency Between Tax and Finance

Leveraging your company's investment in TRCS allows for greater efficiency for tax processes and stronger controls between tax and reporting.

Tax Processes Improvement

Eliminates the dependency on manual processes such as filling spreadsheets. We deploy automated workflows, tax schedules, reporting mechanisms and dashboards.

Key Features

Tax Provision

Tax Automation

Accurate and instant calculation of permanent and temporary differences from the financial data from the consolidation system.

Tax Data Collection

Strengthen your control over data accumulation process while providing instantaneous updates about the status at any given time. Automatically captures historical data from regional controllers using workflow engines


Integration with Tax Compliance Software

Quick and secure integration with the tax compliance software to import tax return and other taxation data into the application. Subsequently, export the tax provision data to the compliance tool.

Tax Schedules and Dashboards


No More Spreadsheets

Completely automate processes that are typically based in spreadsheets using the tax schedule capability. Data collection, calculation, and analysis can all be automated including supporting work papers for tax provision, tax compliance, research and development credit, uncertain tax positions, and any tax data.

Tax Process Improvement

Provides a framework for constant process improvement for the tax function.

Dashboards for Tax Key Performance Indicators

Utilize out-of-the-box dashboards with key performance indicators (KPIs) and create custom dashboards for any tax metric.

Country-by-Country Reporting Template

Seamless Data Automation

Instantaneous and easy fetching of CbCr data reporting from Oracle Finance Consolidation, Hyperion Financial Management or any third part ERP finance systems. Assures utmost transparency in the migration.

Real Time Data Capture

Deploy smart workflow engines to collect automated data from systems anywhere in the world and gain complete control over the financial process.


Local and Master File Collaboration and Preparation

End-to-end deployment of CbCr solutions by integrating tax reporting and consolidation systems with Oracle’s narrative reporting management system. Enables users to sync with corporate tax.

EPM Cloud Collaboration and Workflow


Tax Calendar

Enable corporate tax systems to schedule important dates for key events or processes such as tax filing, audit management, provision, CbCr reporting, compliance and more in a unified system.

Global Collaboration

Real time, enterprise grade association with third party systems and including them in the workflows.

Microsoft Office Integration

Immensely easy management of routine tasks for end users using a workflow engine. Better tasking with tools such as Office.


Make use of a completely new and highly secured cloud application with access to roles and data rights.

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